G Data Antivirus Business Edition

G Data AntiVirus - Professional high-end virus protection for networks of any size

G Data AntiVirus is a security solution that is easy to install and is administered centrally. It can be used inside and outside the company - regardless of how many clients are using it. 
With tried and tested, multiple award-winning antivirus technologies, central control and automatic protection for all Windows servers, workstations, notebooks and mobile Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.





G Data AntiVirus


Complete client protection: effective, but also unobtrusive in the background.

  • NEW! Also fully functional outside your network, e.g. for laptops or Android mobile devices belonging to field-based staff
  • NEW! G Data BankGuard integration – secure online payment traffic
  • Maximum protection through simultaneous use of two virus scanners
  • Hourly updates mean that even new threats stand no chance
  • Searches all formats of compressed files and archives
  • Behaviour monitoring for files also provides protection against viruses that are not yet known
  • Improved protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, diallers, Trojans and much more
  • Additional real-time data comparison with the G Data virus database protects against false positives and enables your software to "learn" on a daily basis
  • AntiVirus for Linux clients 

Complete client protection: effective, but also unobtrusive in the background.

  • NEW! Remote control also possible from anywhere via web interface - including from mobile browsers
  • NEW! MobileManagement: central display of all Android devices used for business, with reporting on any virus discoveries and the security status
  • NEW! Software and hardware directory for all clients – simplified client maintenance via detailed inventory display
  • NEW! Advanced Report Management module – detailed analyses and reports on the malware situation in the network
  • OPTIMISED! Centrally controlled installation, virus scans and authorisation management
  • OPTIMISED! ActiveDirectory connection for transferring existing group structures and automated client installation
  • OPTIMISED! Integration of PCs from external domains
  • Dashboard for all relevant information
  • Virus alarm via pop-up window
  • Creation of client installation packages 
  • Restoration of old signature statuses (rollback) in the event of unexpected problems

G Data AntiVirus Enterprise: Additional protection for your email and client data

  • Virus and spam filters as a mail server independent gateway solution (SMTP/POP3)
  • For any mail server such as Exchange, Notes etc.
  • Additional email protection via plug-in for MS Exchange
  • Central control for client backups. Besides full backups for archiving, differential (partial) backups are also possible

NEW: G Data Patchmanagement: Unbroken protection for your company

  • Fast updates for all Windows-based systems and removal of all application-specific vulnerabilities (Microsoft & third-party providers), even where client configurations are different'
  • Classification of patches by criticality – this function can be adapted according to the user
  • Software inventarization throughout the entire company network, with integrated blacklisting and whitelisting for fast identification of software that does not correspond to company guidelines
  • Full integration of PatchManagement in the central G Data Administrator and in the ReportManager, giving atransparent overview of the patch status in the network
  • Numerous scheduling configuration options to adapt PatchManagement detection, deployment and installation processes as closely as possible to the customer's business structure
  • Easily scalable to support future software and initiatives without the need to make changes to G Data PatchManagement
  • Client or group recognition and deployment jobs for rapid update distribution
  • Optional uninstalling of unwanted patches
  • Access to over 15,000 pretested patches


You can purchase G Data PatchManagement as an add-on module for any business solution.

System requirements

  • G Data Client (32/64 Bit): Systems with Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit), 7/8 (32/64 Bit) /Vista (32/64 Bit) /XP (32 bit only) /Server 2003, 2008/R2 or 2012/R2, At least 1 GB RAM
  • G Data ManagementServer (32 Bit/64 Bit): Systems with Windows 7/8 (32/64 Bit) /Vista (32/64 Bit) /XP (32 bit only) /Server 2003, 2008 or 2012, At least 1 GB RAM
  • An Internet connection is required to download the latest virus signatures and software updates.

G Data AntiVirus runs virtually in the background and offers protection against known and (thanks to intelligent heuristics and behaviour monitoring) still unknown threats - without affecting PC performance. All processes like installation, virus checks, updates, changes to settings etc. are remote controlled by the ManagementServer and run invisibly in the background. 

Furthermore, integrated G Data BankGuard technology ensures secure online payment traffic. 







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